Warm sun brings you forth Up! Up, from the earth Shrouded in beauty Is all my eyes see; Pure white covers you Like snow or as wool Yes! You are pristine, Pretty White Jasmine Say, you’re so tender Hmm, little wonder Cupid wanted you; Amongst his choice few For your … Continue Reading WHITE JASMINE

Dear Book

I remembered when it was just us When you and I painted pictures You did the painting, and I the seeing Seeing we both had each other in mind Every stroke of the pen was new Stories were told; them I barely knew You smeared smiles that was familiar Those … Continue Reading Dear Book


Tears don’t fall unless you let them, Words don’t break if you are guarded Walls don’t shake unless you have cracks within them But the light can restore, guide and heal © DianaKolawole.Design    


Like a seed, thoughts take control of us, Consuming us of every inch of greatness, belief, faith But they won’t take our dignity Like seeds, we choose what to water, what to neglect, But that is far from easy when we detect pain, the insecurity that stems so far down … Continue Reading Seed

Self worth

Your value is yours, Not defined by any other, Not sublimed by others perspective, Whatever they want to add with a –tive   Your crown, Like no other, stand up tall, Curls and all Glowing but that not all that lies beneath you   Skin so beautiful, But not as … Continue Reading Self worth