This poem is in response to a movie I recently watched called, Risen. And what stuck out to me was the quote “Be kind to others because everyone is facing a battle you don’t know about”.

Cost nothing more, nothing less.

to appreciate kindness from others, so I guessed.

beneath the efforts and battles we face, kindness is something that we all want to embrace.

As coldness and hurt is what is received in return it,

it is clear to why is clear that why some of our hopes wilt

not understanding why we deserve such treatment,

when kindness and appreciation was all that we had wrapped up, gifted

to those whom we saw were dealing with a great battle,

destroying the ones we thought we knew, and drowning beneath the rattle

it’s clear that appreciation and kindness can hurt.

it’s clear that we don’t get what we deserve

but, the reward will come, it may not be from them.

the reward will come when they really need a friend

whose kindness and appreciation stuck through

whose kindness became their every fuel.

It was all they had, and they gave that to you.

© DianaKolawole.Design

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