Talk to the young
Talk to the old
Talk to the rich
Talk to the poor;
Learn from the ant
Listen to the bird,
Watch the sunset
Gaze at the moonlight;
Be friendly
Have good friends;
Enjoy your life
Prepare for death,
Fall in love
Go round the world,
Be quick to listen
And slow to speak;
Be positive
Take risks,
Invest your time
Invest your energy;
Invest your money
Invest your heart,
Develop your idea
Pick up a hobby;
Question what’s wrong
Stand up for truth;
Defend the defenceless
Feed the hungry,
Cloth the clothless
House the homeless;
Manage your time
Be wise in spending
Love your neighbour
As you would yourself,
But above all
Before anything else
Love the Lord
With all your heart

© Chukwudi Isaac

Appreciation April

As the month of April is drawing to an end, I would like to reflect on what we’ve achieved and how appreciating others and ourselves has helped us become better humans.

Firstly, it takes great strength to zoom into our flaws and compliment one another. Especially as we are scared of what others may think of us, or if it is actually true. We just like to be in our own world and just be comfortable. And that is okay, but a little act of kindness or compliment can go a long way.

We don’t know the battles that others are facing. And as true as it is, sometimes a compliment is all they need. But, we can’t always put ourselves in each other’s shoes. And we can’t always tell the intentions of others. What we can do is make sure that our side of the world is full of positivity and pours out love. Everyone deserves to be love.

Especially ourselves. We are our biggest critic and sometimes, our biggest enemy. magnifying things and pointing at each bit of crack you see. Without appreciating the healing and the journey you’ve gone through to see those cracks. In short, the love we have for ourselves will reflect onto others. But there’s a difference between self-love and selfishness. And understanding the line between them is important.

Self-love is defined as regard for one’s own well-being and happiness.

Selfishness is defined as the quality or state of being selfish; lack of consideration for other people.

By giving ourselves more self-love we can boost our own level of happiness and satisfaction in life because we love ourselves with all our flaws and weaknesses.

So as Appreciation April is drawing to an end, remember to love yourself and love others