Talk to the young
Talk to the old
Talk to the rich
Talk to the poor;
Learn from the ant
Listen to the bird,
Watch the sunset
Gaze at the moonlight;
Be friendly
Have good friends;
Enjoy your life
Prepare for death,
Fall in love
Go round the world,
Be quick to listen
And slow to speak;
Be positive
Take risks,
Invest your time
Invest your energy;
Invest your money
Invest your heart,
Develop your idea
Pick up a hobby;
Question what’s wrong
Stand up for truth;
Defend the defenceless
Feed the hungry,
Cloth the clothless
House the homeless;
Manage your time
Be wise in spending
Love your neighbour
As you would yourself,
But above all
Before anything else
Love the Lord
With all your heart

© Chukwudi Isaac

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  1. June 6, 2018 at 3:25 am

    You are a very clever person!


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