Thanks to a wonderful subscriber, I wanted to explore the word marvellious and talk about Food.

my third love.

About a week ago, I see you dancing away… if you know you know… anyway. About a week ago, I wanted to try this place called Dirty Bones. It is in the heart of London, close to Piccadilly Circus, known for its fusion of food and to be honest, had very good reviews.  At the time, I was looking at new flavours and this stood out to me. The initial lunch was supposed to be just a gift to me, but a friend of mine decided to accompany me. That didn’t bother me because I was after the food.

We got there on sat down. The atmosphere felt like a mix of old 70s vibe with music from Kendrick Lamar and Will Smith. We were confused but, we liked it. We ordered.. well I ordered for us and this is what we had.


Personally, some of the flavours were a hit and miss and completely confused me. Beef tasting like plantain and sprite. And Tacos tasting like there was bubblegum in them. Let us just say the restaurant will be in my memory for a while. But overall, the food was very yummy and my favourite was the salsa, jalapeno chips and the butterscotch vanilla drink.



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  1. This is certainly a good read. Very brave, eye opener and inspiring. Your honesty resonates in every word. Truly amazing piece of work. I hope you could also try to follow my Blog Page. Cheers! 🙂

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