Today 30th June, marks the end of half of the year. A lot of things have gone on in our lives that ‘should’ make us very tired and not willing to go on many things have also gone on that we supposed to be grateful for but many times, a lot of things overwhelm us that we forget to count our blessings. Therefore, it could lead us to doing things by our own strength in making sure our goals work and all meanwhile God is telling us to just rest (which doesn’t mean that we won’t work but this means calling on God to help us as we work and involving Him in our work and drawing strength from Him daily).

Last year, I had finished the mandatory National Youth Service Commission (NYSC) Scheme, as prescribed by the Nigerian Government. After I had finished, I wanted a job so I set out on getting a job. I had called almost everyone I had known that was in a position to help me out but all to avail. I went round my town to submit my CV as well as sending them via email to various companies both within and outside the country. I started to grow weary and tired until God reminded me that I was depending on my own strength and not on Him. Inasmuch as I was going up and down trying to make things work, I found out that it had yielded no fruit and God gave me various scriptures that made me learn to depend on Him and I will share one here. Psalms 23. It starts with ‘The Lord is my Shepherd, I have everything I need (GNB)’ and then God asked me, ‘If I am your Shepherd, why do you feel you are lacking anything because you do not have a job?’ and then I realized how much I had wanted to be my own Shepherd and have already taken the wheel of my life. From then on, I sought to enjoy the Grace of our Lord, Jesus Christ, the Love of God and the Sweet Fellowship of the Holy Spirit that abides; while basking in this, I was just resting in God, seeking Him on places I am to apply instead of just applying randomly, being hopeful and getting my hopes dashed.

In May this year, I had travelled to go spend some time with a family friend and then a friend of mine who owns a company just chatted me up and told me I was highly recommended by someone to come work for him. I was astonished and that was how I got my first job. I got it without applying for it. I got it by just resting in God and trusting Him to lead me on and on and on.

To be sincere, we can try and do things by our strength and it may work out but there will be many mistakes and weightiness of heart and sometimes, we could even get depressed but I want to let us know that there is a better way (which may not necessarily be the easy way but because God is in it and we draw strength from Him, our journey will be smoother)…

© Chukwudi Isaac

Joy in resting in God part 3

We covered the meaning of Grace and dived deeper into Isaiah 40:31. This post will be co-written by Chukwudi and myself. We will be sharing our own accounts on times we rested in God and challenges we faced. May you be blessed as you read in Jesus name.

Resting in God has not been easy for me, especially as someone that liked to be in control, and stubbornness doesn’t help either. I have been through many seasons in my life where I have been crushed down and remoulded by God. He was reminding me that I can not do it all on my own and remind me that he is beside me. If I did it alone I will only be frustrated, heartbroken and depressed. And in him, there is complete peace. I just need to put my hope in him.

There were times where I thought I knew better and was pushing myself away from God. That attracted anxiety and fear, and I was doubting my decisions a lot. Went from a confident and self-aware woman to one who doubted her own decisions and became double-minded. The bible says that a double-minded man is unstable in all his ways. And that was exactly what happened. I even noticed that the further away I was from God the harder it was to love others and even myself. So I had many conflicts with my friendship and romantic relationship. When what was missing was focusing on God and resting in him. This took over 2 years of being hot and cold but the journey was needed. I learnt a lot about myself and how without Christ you are in Crisis. You cannot be lukewarm and expect to grow in God.

As I began to rest in God, there was this peace and contentment that I’ve never had before. I felt so full in his love and it brought so much joy into my life. The way I interact with others was different and my main focus was to show love. Remind them that they are loved by God. I faith in him strengthened and I started praising him for what he was going to do in my life, because I remind myself that his thoughts towards me are of good and not of evil, to bring me to an expected end!


Joy in resting in God part 2

Previously, I spoke about the importance of knowing God and how we are powerless without hi.m. I left the scripture in Isaiah 40: 31 for us to meditate upon. It said:

31 But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary, and they shall walk, and not faint.

In the verse, it says they that wait upon the Lord. Waiting is a process that many of us don’t like. It is frustrating, tedious and unproductive. But what exactly do you do when you wait? Are you just idle or do you prepare for what is to come? Do you thank God for the blessings he is pouring into our lives or is it fixed upon that one goal? Where is your focus? According to the scripture, our focus should be on the Lord and the things he does. He is ever-present, and his Grace covers us daily. Whether we are good or bad or lost. His Grace is for everyone, and we can’t escape that. Acknowledging his Grace is fantastic.

The dictionary definition of Grace is :

bring honour or credit to (someone or something) by one’s attendance or participation.
About the God, being on this earth, being alive makes us the participants, and God shows honour gives credit, shows his Grace upon our lives, and this all happened through Jesus. He died for us so that we could be saved as he died for our sins.
To understand more, kindly watch this video. It will really help you know what Grace really means

Grace is // Grace like a flood – Transformation Church 

Let us go back to the verse. As we wait upon the Lord and our strength is renewed, we will be like Eagles. Eagles are the only birds that fly the highest, they are the kings of the air. This means when you are waiting on the Lord, not only will your strength be renewed but, you will be as powerful as Eagles, you will not be weary in what you do; whether you are running or walking for he will be by your side. And this is precisely why resting in God brings so much Joy. Because he doesn’t just give what you ask for but, he gives you more to show you that He is God!

I want you to reflect upon this for some days and think about any situation that you are going through where you need to rest in God. Are you helpless? Hopeless? Lean on God, and he will not forsake you.

Remain blessed.

Diana x




CAN WE GO BACK TO THE TIME: Lessons from a child

Can we go back to the time?
When our hearts knew no guile
When we had no ill will or grudge;
How sweet were our hearts then

Can we go back to the time?
When we had no worries
For we knew our needs would be met
Hence our trust didn’t shake

Can we go back to the time?
When we told the truth
And honesty was our watchword
In all that we ever did

Can we go back to the time?
When we were curious to know
When life was a quest
When to seek answers was adventurous

Can we go back to the time?
When our love was unadulterated
And our affections were true
When hugs and kisses were pure
Can we all go back?

@Chukwudi Isaac

Joy in Rejections

Frustrations come and go, and we get rejected daily, whether it is through job applications of failed plans. Rejection is part of life. But, what do we do with this?

You have to make your set back a set up for your come back.

A friend of mine shared this with me, and I wanted to write about it. Many times we get a rejection, feel bad and move on, without asking ourselves why did it fail and what could I have done better? If I were given a chance to go back, how can I use what I know how to improve my performance?

Evaluation and reflection are critical. We need to spend more time thinking about how our actions influence the future than wandering and hoping for gold to fall from the sky.  But let us be realistic, you won’t always get feedback from an interview or a job application, and their reasons for rejecting you might be as shallow as not liking the shirt you wore that day. That doesn’t matter. All that matters is for you to sit down and think, how am I going to make myself better than the woman/man I was before? What areas do I need to work on?

Once we do that, we can put them into actions, whether that is by googling and learning about that weak area. Dressing better or even having confidence in ourselves. As we put things into motion that is where we will harvest the fruits of our labour.

And finally, let us remember to put God in the middle of whatever we do. Some rejections are blessings in disguise. No matter how much we might have wanted that job, that person or even that holiday. The No is there for a reason. It’s up to us to listen and be grateful for the blessing that will be coming our way.

As part of  Joyous June, let us be grateful for the rejections we have had and the ones that are on their way, for they will only help us to become a better version of ourselves.

Thank you


When our book is opened, we begin to write
Doesn’t matter whether we’re wrong or right
Its inescapable, whether we’re young or old
We all got stories about us that’ll be told
So I guess the first thing is to make our writing legible
So our life’s writ won’t be considered ineligible
Every now and then, we turn over a new leaf
And keep on writing, from our morals to beliefs
But what we write really matters
Cos they may crush us or make us fly like Wright brothers
Don’t leave problems without solutions
Because some will not check the appendices
Six score max, and our life is blown out
Fix all, fast before we’re thrown out
Cos when our book is closed and shelved
People will talk about our lives
What will people say about you in the grave
Just think about it while you live…

© Chukwudi Isaac


So I knocked on her pearly gate
For the King and I had a date
Some call it luck; I call it fate
That with the King I drank and ate
I’d readied myself to meet Him
Or so I thought, till I met Him
He was filled with light none could dim
He lit up smiles for none was grim
I heard this place is called Heaven
No other name could be given
For the streets on which are trodden
Are made of gold; yes, they’re golden
There’s a river that streams make glad
Here the lion plays with the lad
And being afraid, not one here had
Instead love was what all here had
The King took my hand and held me
As He showed me all the beauty
For it was filled with Majesty
From without to it’s tapestry
He patiently told me His tale
On how He came to my land and gave
His all so I could be whole and hale
His speech was of Truth and not fable
These and many more did He speak
It was as though He took a peak
Into my heart as all the words stuck
I was glad at the joy it brought
After everything, I stood up
Filled with joy, love, faith, peace and hope
For now I have known how to cope
And be steadied so I don’t flop
On my way back, though it was hard
I was taught not how to lose guard
But trust in all that I was told
And tell my own tales like a bard

© Chukwudi Isaac