Happiness part 1

Happiness is something that takes years to build, a minute to find but months to maintain. The source of our joy is what we need to look into. Does our happiness come from people? Or is it on something eternal? Is it from the core or something superficial?
Being able to differentiate this is important, as it tells you a lot about yourself and what you place value on. If your happiness comes from people, ask yourself why? is it a reflection on the core of the person? their flaws, their vulnerability or is it based on their outward strength? Their model-like appearance?
As for myself, I’ve discovered that happiness is in whatever your mind is. And whatever you choose to focus on. But try happiness comes from acceptance of oneself and the other person. And in that, you will find peace, and no matter how bad life gets, the thought of the person or yourself or God will bring out a strength that you didn’t know you had.
There is beauty in weakness and vulnerability. But it is how we deal with these that is important. We are not perfect, but there’s beauty in imperfection.
I hope you enjoyed this short muse.
Diana Kolawole

Posted in: life