Ever walked through a sandy region or swampy area? If yes, have you ever taken a look back? If yes, then I’m sure you’d have noticed your footprint on the ground and most times we don’t even pay close attention to it.

Over time, footprints have been used to track a person, and as a result of that, people have been tracked, lost people have been found, and for some unlucky ones, they have lost their lives. This goes on to say that where we go in life really matters.


Our life is like a journey and our characters and actions are like those footprints. Many times we are so focused on our journey ahead that we forget to take a look back. There are times we have led people astray by our lives and the irony is that sometimes we may even retrace our steps and go on to do the right thing whereas the people following us may get lost and not ever get the chance to ever get it right.

From today, make up your mind to make sure that your life will lead people to make the right decision such that even if you are afar off, they will arrive at a place of bliss and rest.


(C) Chukwudi Isaac

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