Today is your day,
So I thought of 1000 wishes for you;
Guess that’s too much to say,
So I’ll just say a few:
May God strengthen and keep you,
May His face shine upon you
And His peace be with you.
May all your dreams come true,
And your skies remain ever blue.
May your strength be renewed
And your joy be ever full.
Dear Leah, I wish you,
Better still, I pray for you –
That you regain your freedom
As you are a beacon to the Kingdom.
You are not a slave to fear,
Because you are God’s child, Leah.
Oh! One more thing, Christ’s soldier,
I pray that you remember
That who the Son sets free,
Indeed such is free.
For though you are in bonds,
Like Paul and Silas, sing songs,
For we know that your redemption draws nigh,
And even though weeping endures through the night,
Joy comes in the morning;
May this your new year be your morning
For there’ll be no more mourning.
We celebrate you,
We pray for you,
We love you.
We are proud of you.
Stay strong, dear soldier
Happy Birthday Leah…

From: Chukwudi Isaac

© Chukwudi Isaac

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