Be strong.
Don’t let her show in you, don’t let her wrap her arms of deciet into you, manifesting herself into tears.
Don’t allow your weakness to show,
Don’t allow your heavy heart to show.
Don’t cry.

You see, it isn’t just men that battle with this.
It’s every first born who was forced to walk in the footprints of a premature parent.
Unknown of the responsibilities but yet, they had to

We grew up faster than our age and even our own emotions. We were told to be strong for everyone else but, yourselves.

Situations can’t break you.
Don’t cry.

But, what exactly do tears show? Does it show the courage I’ve taken to accept that, I’m not perfect and that, I am human like everyone else?

Does it show my battle scars from suppressing my true feelings because I cared so much about what others felt.
But. What. About. Me?

There’s strength in surrending to the one and only God. There’s strength in weeping and breaking yourself in worship and pouring out everything… Naked before him because at last you,

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