I decided to collaborate with various photographers and create a visual design based on a collection of their photographs. The aim was to create more awareness for remote photographers whose work are hardly seen talk about appreciated. 

My role was to redesign and create visual designs that picks out a specific focus within their collection while I fuse everything with a word. In this example. I wanted to highlight the warm, mustard tones and play with some typography to give it an editorial-like feel. 

What I learnt? 
I learnt that, Thgusstavo Santana's work is very rich in colour and reflects life of Brazilian culture through his selective colours and portraiture of his models. As for myself, I learnt that I enjoyed creating this work as my reason for doing so was beyond the actual design and more for the recognition of the actual photographer. 

I learnt that, the reason behind a project - no matter how small it is - is what drives me the most and the appreciation I got from instagram was the cherry on the cake. 

I also learnt that Mustard is my favourite colour 
Photography by Thgusstavo Santana
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