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Diaries Never Forget — Part 2

We Needed Human Diaries We didn`t need my coded and hidden diary, or my classmates` locked diaries, We needed diaries that had ears to listen; eyes, that we were sure had seen what we saw, mouths that could guide us in love, and hearts that were loving enough not to condemn us. We needed human diaries that we could confide in,…

Diaries Never Forget

Diaries can be such amazing treasures when they display their record-keeping ability in the face of our failing memories. They never add, they never take away from events. They never protect anybody`s image due to their social status they have attained long after their deeds were recorded, or whatever other reasons. As long as events were recorded as they happened,…

Letter to Papa — Part 2

Letter to Papa — Part 2

I particularly remember, Papa, the day you first told me that males don`t cry. 

That was the beginning of my emotional disaster. 

I struggled to hide emotions. I was trying to “be a man”.

Here I Am! Read Me

Here I am, writing the story of my life, and many more didactic stories for the sake of transformation.