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Diaries Never Forget — Part 2

We Needed Human Diaries We didn`t need my coded and hidden diary, or my classmates` locked diaries, We needed diaries that had ears to listen; eyes, that we were sure had seen what we saw, mouths that could guide us in love, and hearts that were loving enough not to condemn us. We needed human diaries that we could confide in,…


‘How can the waters of life be navigated?’ For I feel I am drowning sometimes Whereas other times I feel I am in control In control over the waves and tides, Over the tempest and turbulence And at such times, I feel like the man The man that languishes in sorrow; I notice that when I am in control Then…

Diaries Never Forget

Diaries can be such amazing treasures when they display their record-keeping ability in the face of our failing memories. They never add, they never take away from events. They never protect anybody`s image due to their social status they have attained long after their deeds were recorded, or whatever other reasons. As long as events were recorded as they happened,…

In Perfect Peace

The rain the previous night, The wind that came with it, The soft, fresh air this morning, The rustling leaves, The sunrise, The chirping birds, My early morning meditation, punctuated by some sips of water, My time at the loo, The brushing of my teeth, All these I experience alone, In perfect peace. The status updates can be disturbing, The…


Will you, dearest, choose me again and forever this time?

A Bachelor’s Diary [Part 1]

I ask that you prepare me for the battle as I await my comrade.

I ask that you prepare us for each other.

I acknowledge that it is not good that I am alone.

I need a comrade suitable for me.

Friend of a Loner

Dear friend, I read your note, and I feel so glad that you expressed your feelings so clearly. I deemed it fit to respond, even though I doubt that you expected one. Yes, the world can be noisy and busy, yet there`s some calmness in it. There is love in the world; give it, and you`ll definitely receive it. Frown…

Letter to Papa — Part 2

Letter to Papa — Part 2

I particularly remember, Papa, the day you first told me that males don`t cry. 

That was the beginning of my emotional disaster. 

I struggled to hide emotions. I was trying to “be a man”.

Here I Am! Read Me

Here I am, writing the story of my life, and many more didactic stories for the sake of transformation.


Ever walked through a sandy region or swampy area? If yes, have you ever taken a look back? If yes, then I’m sure you’d have noticed your footprint on the ground and most times we don’t even pay close attention to it. Over time, footprints have been used to track a person, and as a result of that, people have…