Are words mere words?
Or loud whispers?
Our innermost contemplations?
And echoes of our hearts?
But words have meaning
Or at least they ought to have;
Words can bring sorrows or joy
They bear on their wings: tears or smiles,
For by the word of a man
Wars have been fought;
By his utterance
Love also found a place in the heart,
It is believed that ‘talk is cheap’
But it is not cheap when it makes sense
So before you speak
Before a word leave your lips,
Remember your words mirror your heart
And your actions mirror your words
Therefore, be a man or woman of your WORDS…

© Chukwudi Isaac


While I was reading a devotion, I came across something that made me think. It said:

Did you know that your level of gratitude could have a direct effect on your attitude? What are you thankful for?

Some people are like thermometers; always alerting us when things aren’t right, and constantly a victim to the “temperature” in the room … which is never perfect. But others are more like thermostats. These people determine the temperature in the room. Their words, actions, and even their thoughts set the atmosphere. Which one are you?

Am I a thermometer? have I been one in the past? how grateful am I for what I have? you can imagine the number of questions that came to my mind. I then realised how we take so many things for granted and don’t realise how we affect others and how our perception of the world can be tainted through ingratitude.

Yes, we’ve all been through difficulties and storms but, we are still here!

In this month of appreciation April, I would like to appreciate those who are thermostats in our lives and add to it in wonderful ways. Not only do they boost and add light to us, but they also remind us of the good in this world. Such people are precious and rare.

I will leave you with the exact questions above. If you are a thermometer, maybe look for ways to change that or understand what triggers that side of you. We are not perfect but, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t become the best versions of ourselves.

Thank you.