Growing up was fun When all we did was rhyme Play, play, and sing songs Not minding time pass by While we watched our planes Fly high high up the sky Or our kites being flown Kissing the sun in sight The ground our canvas Where beauty was expressed Our … Continue Reading GROWING UP


WORDS Are words mere words? Or loud whispers? Our innermost contemplations? And echoes of our hearts? But words have meaning Or at least they ought to have; Words can bring sorrows or joy They bear on their wings: tears or smiles, For by the word of a man Wars have … Continue Reading Words


Talk to the young Talk to the old Talk to the rich Talk to the poor; Learn from the ant Listen to the bird, Watch the sunset Gaze at the moonlight; Be friendly Have good friends; Enjoy your life Prepare for death, Fall in love Go round the world, Be … Continue Reading TO DO LIST…

How I knew

A poem was written by an  Anonymous person    How I knew you weren’t the one when you showed you hate me. Rejecting the times I reached out and making me feel that even feeling guilty is what I deserved. How I knew you weren’t the one when you made … Continue Reading How I knew