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A Promised Wish (Part One)

A perpetual cry resounding throughout the Animal Kingdom. The sage spoke bitter words that started an uproar throughout the Kingdom, she had foretold of an insuperable bond that’ll be born, having the power to bring about a new age and lead the Kingdom into everlasting peace or bitter destruction. These words continued to haunt us as the years rolled by,…

The Door to World 7 (Finale)

Desires are birthed from the heart, one must take what is given. To demand more is to slowly tear apart the heart that granted your wish, trampling over a dream that was once birthed on your behalf. Throughout this world, I came to realise something irregular, something that didn’t settle deep inside me. This world seemed to have the answer…

Letter to Papa — Part 2

Letter to Papa — Part 2

I particularly remember, Papa, the day you first told me that males don`t cry. 

That was the beginning of my emotional disaster. 

I struggled to hide emotions. I was trying to “be a man”.

The Door to World 7 (Part Two)

Time passes whether you want it to or not, the delicacy of time itself can sometimes be forgotten. Opportunities to make a change can sometimes be overlooked, or ignored entirely at first sight, but the feeling of a door opening right before you, will always leave your heart wanting more, once you take the first step through it. The door…

The Door to World 7

Time, how precious it can be, mishandled and it’ll fade away in an instant, each day we see ourselves enter another flow of time, chasing down another man’s shadow, following the trail of an old tale. This is an old tale, one that was buried and forgotten, though despite the efforts of the departed, this story is about to be…

Here I Am! Read Me

Here I am, writing the story of my life, and many more didactic stories for the sake of transformation.