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Hidden Secrets (Part Two)

The desire to be free is what we all rightfully demand from life, these chains that I once carried while walking down a path that was filled with continual disappointment, will be broken at the time I discovered this blanket’s power. It was only through time travel were I could see a fresh perspective of my life, I could finally…

A Bachelor’s Diary [Part 1]

I ask that you prepare me for the battle as I await my comrade.

I ask that you prepare us for each other.

I acknowledge that it is not good that I am alone.

I need a comrade suitable for me.

Hidden Secrets (Part One)

In life you’ll go through dry seasons, and winters that can feel unbearable at times, it’s only those who a strong heart that can withstand the strong winds that life brings their way. Growing up I had run away from home, after the many days of feeling ignored and at times forgotten by those who I’d thought would care to…

Happy End (Finale)

The break of daylight shines upon my face once again, I crack a smile. Finally, I leave this empty shell of mine and walk through a new path that my mind has created. The journey ahead is long, that I know too well, but I don’t care. I take my first step into joy, I find it strange, after being…

Happy End (Part One)

I sit in the center of my own mind, constantly watching the black flames moving frantically on the logs that lay in front of me.  I feel lost, not knowing who I am or where I should go from here, I do not slumber nor shift about in this empty space, I remain here emotionless, numb from the pain of…

A Promised Wish (Finale)

I was once a child, being by the side of my mother, but despite all the love she bestowed upon me, I still demanded more. I was torn away from her because of my greed, cursed to be an overseer and live as a Sarus Crane in the east side of this jungle. The two chosen to bring peace to…

A Promised Wish (Part Two)

Tears roll down my face as joy seeps through every part of my body. The jungle’s prayer has now been answered, the time of appointing is here at long last. Yet a slither of fear settles in my inner most being, no one is aware of what leadership we will soon be under once we are united with the chosen…

A Promised Wish (Part One)

A perpetual cry resounding throughout the Animal Kingdom. The sage spoke bitter words that started an uproar throughout the Kingdom, she had foretold of an insuperable bond that’ll be born, having the power to bring about a new age and lead the Kingdom into everlasting peace or bitter destruction. These words continued to haunt us as the years rolled by,…

The Door to World 7 (Finale)

Desires are birthed from the heart, one must take what is given. To demand more is to slowly tear apart the heart that granted your wish, trampling over a dream that was once birthed on your behalf.Throughout this world, I came to realise something irregular, something that didn’t settle deep inside me. This world seemed to have the answer to…

Letter to Papa — Part 2

Letter to Papa — Part 2

I particularly remember, Papa, the day you first told me that males don`t cry. 

That was the beginning of my emotional disaster. 

I struggled to hide emotions. I was trying to “be a man”.