Video concepts 

Each concept was based on how HyperJar can benefit users from different journeys in life. 
My role was to create four video concepts to test with 20 users. The focus was the user and their narrative. I really loved doing this as I wanted to immerse myself in the user’s shoes and figure out how the app could benefit them.I had an advantage as I was not overly invested in the app and I had a different perspective as a new team member. 
I sat down and thought of the strategies for each of the concepts and created low fidelity test that I presented to users during the guerrilla testing. 
The user testing was at first daunting but as I began, I enjoyed it. I remembered the tips I learnt in Flipside and applied it. As well as this application, I learnt a lot about structuring my script and how to make the interview more of a conversation.